Friday, July 27, 2012

Thrift Store - Fun Find

Okay I need to say right up front, "I really enjoy thrift stores".  I like to wander through looking for a 'fun find'.  Well yesterday I found one.

This Coleman lantern 

We have a Coleman stove and love it.  I have wanted a lantern, but never found a deal - but - yesterday I did.  I need to buy new mantles (it's a two mantle lantern) but those are readily available.  
This is a 220F this model was made from 1964 - 1971.   Ours is dated 1964.   Just a fun find that we will use when camping.


  1. Oh me,love,love the thrift stores..Never know what you are gonna find.. SOmetimes nothing..but oh what fun...when you find that 'one special find"..

  2. I'm glad there are other 'thrifters' out there. I have even found beautiful material for $1.00 a yard. YEAH!! My kind of place.



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