Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Button Box

Do you have a button box?

When my Grandmother passed away years ago, my mom asked me if there was something specific I would like.  Yes, I would like Grandmom's button box.  Why on earth would you want the button box?...
Because when I was young Gram would let me play.  What a treasure box it was.  There were diamond studded buttons, huge coat buttons, small practical-everyday buttons.  They were all different colors, red-and yellow-black and white, they are precious in his sight... (or in this case my sight)
As I looked through those buttons they were memories.  I remember that dress; pink silk covered buttons  - Gram used to wear that dress to church.  Oh look, those were the buttons from that coat that was so pretty...

Clothes were worn until the only life left in them was the rag bag and the button box.  How times have changed.  We now have so many clothes in the closet that we stand and stare and wonder what in the world will I wear today?

Today I'm adding to the button box.  I am re-purposing a white blouse that the dryer 'ate'.  It was one of my favorites but unfortunately burned a bit here and there from its fiasco in the dryer.
Today it is becoming two blouses for Christmas dolls. 
What better use of a favored blouse that has no more life in it but buttons and portions of unscorched areas.

I think Gram would be pleased.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hand Made Cards

Do you like to make your own cards??  I do, but some are so busy and detailed that they are intimidating!  Here are a few that are really cute as well as easy to do.  The best kind!  Merry card making.
Robin from the Roost

I like this without the wreath too.

More card ideas


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