Monday, July 23, 2012


I haven't posted a thing.  I really don't even have any ideas regarding a post.  I guess I'm still getting back into routine.  Saturday morning I picked green beans, probably about 1.5 gallons.  We ate half of them yesterday and will eat the other half with supper tonight.  Yum!!

The cabbage are starting to make nice heads.  DH was worried they were behind.  It is better to make sauerkraut when it's cooler so I think they are right on schedule.

DH is starting to talk about trips to the mountains for wood.  :-)  This is very normal.  In the hottest part of the year he is planning for the cold winter and wants us to be warm and toasty.  That's a good thing!

There must have been a range fire somewhere last night because the air was really smokey last night.  I had to shut the bedroom window it was too much smoke for me...

I better get off and finish getting ready for work but wanted to stop and do a quick up-date.  Have a great day!

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