Thursday, February 13, 2014

sitting upright

Holey-guacamole-Batman, this robin bird has been under the weather. 

Last Friday I was a bit tired, Saturday morning the same just a bit tired not feeling my normal pep and vigor.  By Saturday afternoon I was running a temp that I could get down to 102.4 with three ibuprofen...  the fever continued so Tuesday I dragged myself to the doctor because I just wasn't improving.  Acute bronchitis was what I had, I was sent to the pharmacy to pick-up medications. 

(Thank goodness for antibiotics, how did people manage without them???  Also given a note from my doctor saying stay home from work the remainder of the week and don't share the germ.  I couldn't have gone to work with or with out the note.  This is the first day I've sat up right.  But the note is good for my boss so he knows I haven't been down south basking in the sun. (ya right, I hear the south is getting bombarded with ice storms and snow, but I digress))

Today I am upright.  I ran hot sudsy bleach water in my kitchen sink and started wiping surfaces down as well as light switches, door knobs, etc.  I don't want to share the bug. 

When my mom was a little girl she came down with rheumatic fever.  There were no antibiotics yet (penicillin wasn't used widely until 1943).  She was home and in bed for six weeks.  Correction: My mom emailed: I want to make a correction.  I was in bed for 6 months.  I missed a whole school year.    I'm  glad for antibiotics too.  Love, Mom.  Thanks mom for making this correction.  Six months is a LONG time to be sick and in bed.  I can't even imagine it...   I love you too!!                             
My great-grandmother died in the Great Flu Epidemic from complications (pneumonia).  So again I say thank God for antibiotics.  They aren't to be used often but when you need them it's a blessing we have them.

The doctor said there's just a lot of junk going around right now.  Yes, I did get the flu shot but apparently that doesn't protect from everything else.

Hope you are all staying well, healthy and sitting upright.
robin, aka, a little bird


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