Friday, January 30, 2015

Apple Box Oven

Here is my apple box oven.

It took about two hours to put it together.  I'm sure it would be a bit faster if I made a second one but I was learning...

My plan is to grind some corn meal and make some corn bread to go with our soup for supper.

I have my pans that fit (cookie sheet, Texas sheet cake pan and round cake pan) but I wasn't able to find a cookie cooling rack in our little town.  The next time we go shopping I will see if I can find one at Walmart.   But I can put supports in and set my pan on the supports for now.

I do have the thermometer but haven't pushed it through yet.  I will have my DH help with that.  He has an awl. 

 This is the rack that I will use for now - until I can get to a bigger town.
It will work just fine as the purpose is to hold the pans above the coals.

Of course I will do this outside on a safe non burnable surface. :-)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Apple Box Oven

I just think this looks like fun.  I have printed the directions and plan to make this.  It would be so fun for camping to cook outside without heating up the camper of if you are tent camping you have a very inexpensive real oven.

Apple Box Oven Directions

Friday, January 16, 2015

$2.99 Lesson

$2.99 lesson.

I realize $2.99 is not a lot but enough to catch my attention.  Did you know you can't turn 1-click off on Amazon for the purchase of a kindle books...  I thought the book was free, I clicked the button and immediately realized the oops but thought there would be a verification for the order so could back out.  Not so, not with kindle its a purchase.

If it was a good book I would have been okay with it but unfortunately it was nothing more than a list of items I could have gotten from Google or YouTube for free...  live and learn - chalk it up to learn.


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