Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot - Hot - Hot


This is our weather forecast for the week.  I know everyone else has been having it too.  July is our hot month here and it's July.
What to do to stay cool?

  •  drink lots of fluids,  
  • open the house at night to pull in as much cool night air as we can. 
  • close the house up as soon as it starts to warm to hold the cool air in
  • close the blinds
  • turn the air (AC) on if you have it
  • make dinner in the crock pot or out on the grill
  • if you need to 'bake' do it in the Dutch oven outside or if you have one of those cool sun ovens this would be the perfect day 
  • fill the kiddie pool in a shady spot and dangle your toes or if you're really hot, get in!
  • sit in the shade during the hottest part of the day or stay in the house 
  • drink lots of fluids again
  • if you don't have AC run a fan
  • if you're still hot spritz yourself with water and sit by the fan
Have a great day!!! And stay cool.

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