Sunday, July 1, 2012

Morning at the Farm

We keep some of our hives at a friends farm.
When they found out we have bees they wondered if we needed a place for a few hives.

It has been a real win-win.  Our bees have lots of flowers from the clover, fruit trees, berry bushes etc.  and they are having a bumper year with the bees there pollinating everything.  Here are a few pictures.  They have a beautiful B&B on the river.

these black berries are all along the the bank down to the river

black berries - they have never had so many berries.  They plan to take some to the farmers market to sell.

They also have chickens and goats.

This baby (below) is a doll.  She is used to being loved on and will tap you when you stop petting her because she wants more. :-)


  1. What a pretty place.. And yes ..a win -win situation.
    My husband use to have several beehives.. He was just doing it for our own personal use..But it was so much honey...we gave it to
    He has had 3 back surgeries, so no longer able to do his bees..He sold all of his equipment and stuff. But isn't it amazing to see how much those bees work and build.. It definitely shows Our Wonderful Saviours hand ..

    1. They are amazing creatures created by an AMAZING God!



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