Sunday, July 1, 2012

Honey Harvest

Today we harvested some honey.

All decked out and getting the smokers going.

I take the pictures from a distance.  DH and #1 son do all the heavy lifting.  :-)

The bees are really producing.

cutting the caps offf

Into the extractor  for a spin - turn around and spin again.  
This was a Christmas gift from #2 son and wife.   What a WONDERFUL gift!  It saves the frames so the bees just have to refill them with honey instead of rebuilding the frame.  This means more honey!!

Now my job begins.  The guys do the bees and capping etc. but I am the strainer and bottler.  It works out well. 

After the extractor the honey goes through a fine mesh strainer.  This strains out any foreign matter.  We only want beautiful clean honey.

This is the strained honey.  It is all pure nectar honey.   

Strained and in the jars.

This is our second honey harvest this season.  We should have one or two more. 
We have ten hives which gives us enough for our families and some for gifts.  

It was a good harvest.  

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