Monday, July 24, 2017

Bananas and Strawberries

Dried bananas - YUM!!!

DH called me today from the store.  He wanted boiled dinner tonight - that is one of his signature dishes - I love it when he cooks!!  Anyway DH called from the store to say bananas were on sale today and tomorrow.  Did I want some?  Sure, so he picked some up to dehydrate.  They were the perfect ripeness, not green - not brown.

I like to dip mine to prevent darkening.  A honey dip is very good so is lemon or lime juice so why not mix it up... I did one part honey to one part lime juice - oh my goodness this is yummy!!!

Bananas are so easy!!! slice, dip, and  in the dehydrator.

Our grands love dried fruit and fruit leather so when fruit is in season or on sale we like to buy and put it up.  The bananas went really fast last year it was a true favorite of the kids (I wonder why it's sweet like candy).   The next on the favorite list was the fruit leather.

This year I did some little strawberry 'kisses',  Which are individual fruit leathers. These were so easy!!!  Wash and hull the berries, whirl in the blender and then pour out on parchment paper and into the dehydrator.  Nothing else is needed.  Just straight strawberries, can't get healthier than that. You can do a large round or the kisses are about 3 inches in diameter making just the perfect size for a snack.

Happy dehydrating and putting by.  It's the time of year to take advantage of the produce in season.
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