Sunday, January 27, 2013

Still Sewing

I have completed two bras now.  The first one in tricot as the pattern suggested.  It went together very well and  looks very nice.  I used the hook and eye closure on that one as stated by the pattern recommendations.

I am Picky person, picky with a capital 'P', just ask my mother.   As a little baby I was given a beautiful chiffon dress.  Mom would put it on me and I would scream.  She would take it off and put a cotton dress on me and I was fine.  That says it all.  I like cotton and guess I always have.

So my second bra I made of cotton.  Yes bras need a bit of stretch so I cut the pattern out on the bias.  I also did an extension so I could do the button closure instead of the hook and eye.  The materiel they use for hook and eye is SO stiff and scratchy!  I like soft.  Support yes but soft.

Cutting on the bias worked wonderfully!!!!  I really like love the button closure.  I did three buttons so there is plenty of support.  It is like slipping into your favorite soft shirt not a harness, nuff' said.

 I just don't know about posting pictures of my underwear online though... so the above are snippets.

I found some beautiful satin at the thrift store so I may attempt that next.  I'm not sure what I will line it with - any suggestions??

this is a deep salmon color

hot pink

this is a deep sage green

I don't know if the camera caught the colors well but there are very nice pieces.  

Anyway happy sewing.  If you haven't tried making your own bras but have wanted to I would highly recommend this pattern.


  1. That's amazing. I have never known anyone who could make a bra! You are quite talented. I sewed clothes for my entire family (years ago) but never attempted lingerie of any kind. Very cool!


  2. Looks like you did an excellent job/ I too, love cottons.. And would love cotton bras.. What a great idea..But, I don't think I could make one?? Who knows? I may give it a try.thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm impressed with this as well. Bras are expensive! What do you do for 'padding'?

    1. Because they are lined there is no 'show through', so padding wasn't necessary. If you felt you wanted some I guess you could cut out the same in cotton batting (very thin layer) and stitch it in place, almost like quilting. That might be very pretty really. Thanks for the idea.



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