Thursday, January 3, 2013


I brought home a 'project' from Michigan...  

This back piece will be trashed.  
As I am painting anyway my DH will cut a replacement board.
I'm so glad he is talented!!!

Needless to say this poor dear has seen better days...

She spent the last 40+ years in the barn so unfortunately has some damage that is beyond repair. 
But her treadle is just as smooth as glass.

So begins the project.

Yesterday I took her apart.  The wood has received some water damage and chipping to the veneer so I am going to sand and paint it.  The iron treadle will be cleaned and repainted as well.

I labeled all the screws etc. in hopes that I can put this all together again, eek...

Clamps and glue

first coat of off white

Three coats of off white and a light green edge

This went to the dump - it was just rusted past hope.

Tomorrow I will apply the glaze that will antique the paint a bit.
After the wood is done I will start on the treadle base.  I'm hoping that when I'm done this sweet machine will be not only functional but a nice addition to my  house as well.

I will post a picture when I'm all done.  Although that could be awhile.


a little bird


  1. Wow! I can't wait to see it. I've done my share of furniture painting and love to see what others can create. Do you have a machine for it?


  2. I hope it turns out okay... It was in tough shape. I don't have a machine for it yet. I am thinking about a Janome 'T'. Or I might just watch the thrift stores for a zigzag machine that could be converted to a treadle. I have my grandma's treadle and love it but miss the ability to do reverse and zigzag. So the desire for a second treadle was born. :-)

  3. Oh.. what a blessing, I love it..It brings back such memories of our grandparents and parents before us.. SO proud you are redoing it..



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