Saturday, January 19, 2013

In for a penny, in for a pound...

If you give a mouse a cookie... And that's how it all began.  Oh my am I the only one out there?

I have been pondering, 'Do I want to spend the money on the new Janome?',  'Should I look for a nice used older machine that would fit my needs instead?',  etc...

So began my search of Craigslist.  I actually found three that I thought might fit my needs.  Then a girlfriend  heard I was looking for a sewing machine said.  "I have two in my basement.  We will never use them come and look and if you like them you can have them both."

And there you have it I brought home both of her sewing machines.  One was her grandmother's, the others her husbands grandmother's.

I now have six sewing machines in the house (well only five if we don't count the serger so lets not count the serger I'll feel better that way).

But how could I say no to these beautiful machines - they were not being used and  they were thinking about taking them to the dump.

Yesterday I took the elna all apart to clean, oil, and lube her up.  She sews like a DREAM!!

I haven't cleaned the Singer yet but will.  I have to order a foot peddle for her as her's got lost in one of the moves.  My friend said they have just been moved from basement to basement as they have moved around.

The Singer is gear driven instead of belt driven and it is one of the very first models that did a reverse stitch.  

All that to say I am not going to buy another machine to put into the recently redone treadle case.

I am in the process of taking my old Kenmore apart to use it with the treadle.  This model wasn't the most conducive to the process.  It had two belts (why in the world would a sewing machine have two belts?)
The power switch would have rubbed on the treadle belt so that had to be removed  moved.  I am taking the motor out and will cap the wire ends.  
I think I will leave the light usable because that will just be handy.  
Long story short, one thing certainly leads to another.

My mom said I could hire a few people and start a dress shop.

My dear husband - I choose the best man in the world.
When I told him in one long fast sentence.
( I brought home two more sewing machines today.)
His remark, "You can just tell me."
Mine, "I know but I thought you'd think it was nuts."
DH "It is nuts, but I don't care."

So that's my sewing machine story.  I think I will need to sew, sew, sew to justify so many machines.
a little bird


  1. A little bird...........I love,love ,love this post.. How wonderful.. God always supplies our needs and sometimes our wants,ha How wonderful that your friend gave you these wonderful sewing machines, that were not being used..YOu will love them and enjoy them.. Oh fun!!!
    And yes thank God for sweet, understanding,loving Hubbies. No matter how much sewing related items I bring in Kenny just giggles and goes on..He will tease me that,he is afraid the floor is going to fall in from the weight of the fabrics.ha

    1. Good husbands are the BEST I so agree. What would we do without them. I'm glad we both got good ones.

  2. What a nice friend! Yes, our 'wants' shouldn't outweigh our needs...but what a blessing that those machines found a good home. Sewing room in transition here...but it will be ok.....soon! I am SO a 'if you give a mouse a cookie' person...say it often to explain things and some people have no clue what I mean. Thank you for understanding!....We are connected...Now to find a serger on Craigs's List...sigh...D.

    1. Yes, she is a great friend. I tried to pay her and she just laughed. Her husband was thrilled that they went to a home where they would be used and enjoyed.

      I ordered the foot peddle and a few additional parts that were missing.

      I'm watching the progress on your sewing room. They are our 'woman caves' I think. :-)



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