Friday, June 1, 2012

Cleaning the Freezer

Once a year I have to defrost my massive chest freezer. It is a big job but always one that when completed leaves a true feeling of accomplishment!

That was today's main plan.
My son - who happened by for a cup of coffee on his way to work this morning - pulled down all the coolers for me.
I take all of the freezer foods out and put it in the coolers. Thankfully my freezer has a flash defrost button. Within 15 minutes the large sheets of frost/ice start sliding to the bottom of the freezer. I get my dust pan out and start flinging the ice out on the patio. Our puppy thought this was wonderful. :-) Then a pan of hot sudsy water and give the interior a good wash-up... Other than almost standing on my head (I'm short and my freezer is huge) this is an easy process.

Now begins the putting back. I have zones in my freezer Jams -- Fruits -- Vegetables -- Meats

Since it is a chest freezer I also have baskets. It makes it easier to keep areas contained. As I put items back in I make an inventory.
Strawberry Jam - 7
Sliced Strawberries - 14
Apricots - 5

This lets me know what is available for using and how many I need to add when putting by this year. It also reminds me to use out of the freezer before pulling the canned items off the shelf.   Now I need to take that inventory and make some meal plans using what we already have. 

I also make up a schematic.  My dear husband always fussed that he didn't know where anything was - or worse he would start looking - gasp and mess up my arrangement.  :-)  So I draw up a quick map and he knows right where to go to find what he's after.  We are both happier.

Now you know what I've been up to today.  I hope you are having a great day and that a thing or two is getting checked off your to-do list as well.

the little bird

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