Friday, June 8, 2012

1897 The Ladies World

The Ladies World Magazine

I just wanted to share the front covers of these old, 1897, magazines. I have had them for 40 years?? They were in behind the mirror of an old vanity. The mirror was broken - in a move - or something and low and behold these were in behind.

I wish I knew how to preserve them better. I usually keep them wrapped in plastic. I am still cleaning and sorting out so came across them yesterday. They will go back in the wrap and back in the drawer. I just think they're neat and hope you will too.

the little bird

My mom emailed and said that my grandfather made the little dresser/vanity for she and my aunt.    I wish I had a picture.  I remember that we painted it white and pink for my bedroom when I was young.   It then went to my Aunt.  I bet my younger cousin then used it in her room.  Very cool history.

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