Friday, June 7, 2013

The summer project

I am a summer project gal.  I always like to tackle something that I can look back and say I accomplished.---

One summer I took all the doors off in the house and painted them and did all the woodwork throughout.  One summer I painted all the old  kitchen cabinets  That kind of a thing...

We are saving for a bigger camper.  
We have a little 17' 1975 Kit Companion and it worked great for us when it was just the 4 of us.  But now there are ten.  I love family!!!!!!!!  So DH and I want to get something bigger.  My dream camper would be a walk around queen bed in the front.  Four bunk-beds in the back and then a sofa that makes into a bed as well as a table that makes down into a bed.  DH wants a slide (or tip-out whatever they are called) and an awning.  So we are saving our pennies and looking.  But in the mean time, I have a cute and useful albeit very dated camper that I own.  So the project is a makeover.

I will be on an almost non-existent budget as my pennies are going for a, new to us, bigger camper.  I have a gift card to JoAnn fabrics.  I have some paint that was purchased and not all was used up.  I think the biggest expense will be the flooring but it is a small camper so I think in truth that won't be much either.  I'm hoping to keep my redo to $60.00

So the challenge is on.  I will keep track and see if it's possible.  :-)

I think some before pictures are in order.
Notice the drawer.  DH used the camper in the winter one time and it was COLD.  He had the heat at full force - so much so that it melted the drawer trim a bit...
He believes he can warm and bend it back into shape.

My search will begin today.  
I think the first should be the wall paper and material for curtains.
Then I can choose my paint colors.  My thoughts are green and white.  Light and airy...

This is kind of what I'm heading for:

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  1. Love your project...if I were closer I'd help! Green and white? Perfect! Keep us posted! D.

    1. Wish you were closer too - we'd have a blast!
      DH picked out the paint colors. I was thinking white walls with light green drawers and doors. He wanted a darker green than I had planed. (all the light colors had him worried. :-))

      So the colors are the palest green for the walls and the drawers/doors are a moss green.

      But I have begun I will share pictures along the way.

  2. How fun.. I love these kind of projects. And I love the green and white ,that you are thinking about.. so cute.
    Can't wait to see photos of work in progress..

    1. I will be sure to post along the way. Once the project began I realized I had chosen well. It will take some time but I think be rewarding.



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