Thursday, June 6, 2013

Screen Savers

Thanks Mom for the GREAT idea!  Miss Chessie has trouble seeing the screen on the shady side of the house.  The little girl next door screamed the other day (thankfully just in play) but Chess heard her and didn't realize the screen door was shut and blasted right through it.  Knocked the door right off and tore the screen...

This morning again she didn't realized it was closed and ran into it but at a much slower pace so didn't do any damage.  (this is good as DH just repaired the door day before yesterday).

As I was having a lovely visit on the phone with my mom I told her about the door.  Her idea put something on it so she can see it's closed.  Moms are great people with great ideas!!

So that's what I did.  We now have 'screen savers'.

I'm hoping that DH doesn't mind or think they are too tacky...
But since he is the screen repairman it may be okay.
a little bird
PS. I should add that these are little satin ribbons that I hand stitched in place.  A clip of a thread and they can be removed without any damage to the screen.  :-)


  1. A 'screen saver' Ha, you are so high-tech! Sort of like the vinyl flowers folks used to put on the sliding glass doors! May I suggest duct tape? Perhaps some 'trendy' design cut out in the shape of dog bones!? D.

    1. Love the dog bone idea :-) As silly as this is I think it's working. I opened the slider and she just stood there waiting for me to open the screen too. YES!!

  2. How smart...
    I had cleaned the living room windows last summer.[apparently I did a good job,ha]. I hang my hummingbird feeders in front of my windows, because I love watching them. anyway, One of the birds came flying up and ran into the window.. So hard that it knocked him to the ground, It scared me, I ran out to check on him. And he flew away.. so I guess he was ok..



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