Saturday, June 22, 2013

Camper makeover

Our little camper is now usable. We are still looking for a bigger one and have actually found a few we like in our price range.  :-)

But for now our little one is back up and running.
The painting is complete, all the cushions are covered.
The cushion 'covers' are pillow case style.  The covers that were on there were professional covered.  And were done very well.  But I hate wrestling the covers off to wash and then wrestle back on....  So my covers go over the old ones just like a pillow case, easy off for a quick trip to the washer and then slip back on for clean and cuteness.

And the curtains are now done and hung.

A few things I learned about branch rods.  I would suggest branches as straight as you can find. or the tie tabs as above so you can make them somewhat straight.  
These do not slide open and closed easy as they do on a normal curtain rod so a way to tie them back is helpful. Or at least tie them loose enough that you can open and close without too much hassle.

So all is complete but the new floor.

And this is the floor I'm thinking about.

Remember I said I wanted to keep my makeover to $60.00...
Well let's just say that didn't happen.  
I am the dreamer of the family my DH is the realistic one.  It's good that God put us together.  I keep his life from perfect boredom and he keeps mine in the real world. Or as Dave Ramsey would say I am the Free Spirit and my DH is the Nerd.
Material for curtains and cushion covers: $60.00
The paint: $110.00 
(The old dry paneling sucked the paint up.  It took two gallons for the walls and ceiling. and two quarts to do the trim)
The floor (projected): $65.00
I bought some additional fun things for use and cuteness.
Pillow, tea tins, towels, clock, bathroom catch all basket, over the door towel hooks, etc...

But the camper is darling.  It went from dated and drab to fresh, clean, and cute.  
Total makeover cost: $235.00 + a bit for the fun stuff

We plan to keep 'Fern'** even after we find a larger one.  We all have pick-ups so she can just be an extra   bedroom when we head to the mountains.  I can see the granddaughters wanting their own space and Fern fits the bill.

**After all the green Fern seemed to fit.  My DH says he will continue to call it the trailer (see Nerd as I said above) but my D-i-L's as well as granddaughters will call her Fern.  After 38 years and a  makeover she deserves a name, don't  you think.?
Happy Camping!
a little bird


  1. Fern is looking awesome! Is that floor method the one where you tear up paper bags, then put a finish on it? (will go back & watch the video in a bit). I painted the plywood grey on the floor we redid in the sewing room. The price was right, but a bit rough, yet. Don't know the final version. Anyway, WAY TO GO! D.

    1. Thanks Deedy. The floor is just brown paper - it is like decoupage really. You glue it down and then brush glue over the top. Then when it is dry you do floor polyurethane (about 4 coats). DH said do it so I think I will give it a try. :-)

  2. Fern is gorgeous.. Congrats on getting the painting done [oh how I wish we were finished painting,ha]. I so understand the old walls sucking up that paint.. I have went back twice to buy more paint.. and the budget has definitely gone out the door.[Kenny is the one that says," but we have to buy more, we have done started now" I say---'what happened to , oh Judy ,it won't take but about 8-9 gallons???
    I think your right.. I think God put opposites together.hahahaa
    Keep calling it Fern...first thing you know, The name trailer will be completely forgotten.ha

    1. Oh my goodness you are really painting if you've gone through that much! You are a true trooper!! It will look so nice when it's done and I hope you share lots of pictures!!



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