Monday, June 10, 2013

The project has begun.

Do you ever start into a project and then say, "What was I thinking?".  Doors to be taken off, hinges to be taken off, tape everything else off...   :-)

But I am moving forward.  I think I have about half of the interior and ceiling painted.  The remaining doors to be painted are off and ready.  (I think that will be tonight once it cools off a bit)

I painted  this morning until noon and it started to warm up.  The afternoons will need to be spent inside cleaning or sewing on curtains or cushion covers.

As you can see the doors/drawers are much darker than I had planned.  But DH was concerned that it would bee too light so he chose the paint colors.
That's okay I can work with it.

I should have pressed the solid green before taking my picture but these are my fabrics I plan to use.  The cream with green leaves will be the curtains Solid green will be cushion covers and the other two will be thrown in there some where.  I came across the navy print months ago and loved it.  Had no idea where I would use it but knew it would work somewhere.

It's really good that there will be a new floor as the old one really CLASHES with the new colors.  :-)

Oh one more idea.  I am thinking of different curtain rods.  Below was something I saw on Pinterest.

I don't know if I'll do it but since it's a camper the branch idea might be fun...


  1. Colors are very good; soothing yet interesting. Love, love the branch for curtain rods idea! Once had a branch like that attached atop of a slider door, and wound tiny twinkle lights around it. That would really suit your camper. Sort of lightning bug style..but prob. wouldn't want to use precious outlet space (if you have any..Ha!) Have fun! D.

    1. I love the twinkle light idea! We go to the mountains camping and it is all primitive. There isn't electricity up there anywhere. It's candle light or lantern light only. No cell phones, no internet, nothing it's called the 'boon-toolies'. And we LOVE it!!
      But all that said I love the idea!! I may have to think about something like that for my family room.

  2. Yep.. I think the painting bug is everywhere.. Can't wait to see your camper.. Love your fabric ideas.. and I think the dark green cabinets will blend well with your fabric fun ,isn't it?
    Love the branches for rods..cute.
    I love the camping out too.. nice an quiet , away from the phones and every day things..

    1. I'm on the look out for branches that will work. Hmmm I wonder if the trees need trimming... :-)



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