Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Yummy plums!!!
I was given a lovely box of plums today.  I think they are Damson.  They taste wonderful.
We will keep some out for fresh but I currently have two canners going, 18 pints.  I still have enough for one more canner but it's too late to do more tonight.  I got a late start...
We have tomatoes on the vine.  I think we will pick Thursday so I can put them up Friday.  That's the plan anyway.  :-)
Not much else going on.  We will probably have a freeze Thursday night so need to get everything but the grapes picked.  The grapes like a freeze to sugar.  Then it will be time for grape juice and maybe some grape jelly.  That just sounds good.
Happy day!
a little bird

1 comment:

  1. plums look so good.
    You are very busy... but oh ...it will taste so yummy this winter.
    Happy canning...



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