Monday, October 21, 2013

Got “Enough”?

Struggling with the concept of “enough”? Americans are obsessed with “more”, which often results in stress. “Enough” is different for everyone. Slow down. Stop pushing the “more” button. Think about what is enough for you…
·         Enough challenge
·         Enough clothes
·         Enough food
·         Enough prestige
·         Enough income
·         Enough house
·         Enough car
·         Enough time for the goals that matter to you…

Stop buying into someone else’s definition of enough. Figure it out for your life. Your stress level may go down. 

This was in public newsletter - I think it is full of wisdom.  Sometimes we all want bigger, better, more.  Let's take a time out and enjoy some 'enough'.

a little bird

1 comment:

  1. oh, I so agree.. The world we live in, is constantly trying to get more, do more, have more.. and Our poor children are the ones hurt by it. They are being rushed from one activity to another, parents are too busy trying to climb the ladder.. Just heart breaking. I just know this breaks God's heart.



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