Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Full Fun Family Weekend

What a wonderful weekend.  Thursday through Monday we PLAYED.  All but one were able to be here to play and party.  #2 Son was not able to make it due to work schedule but he sent his family.  #1 Son and family came as well as some additional friends.  What a great time.

Papa set a tent up in the backyard for naps (his).  :-)  We had little girls lined across the living room floor on sleeping mats with cozy covers.  It was close to midnight but they finally settled down for the night.  And then  the happenings started again in the morning.  

Family is so delightful.  Today we are all going back to our normal schedule. Which is both good and sad to see the the family time come to an end.  But everyone needed to be back in routine as well.

Hope your weekend was great and that you had a bit of fun and family too.
a little bird

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