Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A real compliment

We have been eating out of our food storage and freezer for the last little bit. We made the decision to not spend $$ on groceries and put that money in savings to 'recoup' after taxes. So I have been baking and cooking from scratch for the last couple of months. Tonight my dear husband said, "It takes a wise woman to have all this food put by for us to eat. In the future I won't ask if you really need all that." What a wonderful compliment. It is a grand thing to receive such high praise.


  1. :) It is sweet for him to say that. Just remember that he probably thinks wonderful things about you even when he forgets to say them.

  2. That is the most wonderful compliment..And I so totally agree. You are doing just as the bible teaches us. Prepare for our families.

    My husband and I do the same thing at times. One time, his truck motor blew up.. [the kids were home then]. We made do with one vechicle, and we eat out of the garden and freezer and saved money for a new motor ,instead of going and borrowing money from the bank...Our grown kids still remember this. I hope it was a good lesson for them .. And they will follow through teaching their children too.

    1. We took the Dave Ramsey class a few years ago. Best class ever! I wish we would have learned the cash system at a much younger age!!!



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