Friday, June 3, 2016

Dehydrator is busy!

I have been harvesting herbs and drying them for use throughout the year.

I have picked the chamomile three times.  Clipped two bushel of mint, two jars of onions, and dried my oregano and cilantro as well.. 

Chamomile for tea.

Apple Mint also for tea.
Mix the dried mint and chamomile for a wonderfully relaxing tea. Both hot or poured over ice after brewing for a summer heat refresher.
I like 2 parts mint to 1 part chamomile. 

Walking Onions
I love these chopped in my freezer but they are also wonderful for the dehydrator.  Once completely dried to brittle, they store on the shelf in a glass jar.  Anytime I need some onion in soup, I just toss in a handful.  They are full of flavor and such a great addition.

YUM - I love cilantro.  In salsa, taco soup, guacamole, and the list goes on and on...


Great spice for Italian cooking but I have also used this as a tea if I am feeling under the weather. 

The leaf lettuce is up and so are the radishes so our garden has begun to give us summer's bounty.

I hope you are all well and busy 'putting by' the harvest.
a little bird


  1. Goodness, your herb stash will be 'just the ticket' later in the year. Been slightly on a different path here, with the garden only being in 2 weeks, and looking quite pathetic..but hope springs eternal, and we will continue. I really needed to learn that others were reaping! Deedy

  2. You have been busy... Your herbs look so healthy. Bet your house is smelling good..



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