Sunday, April 17, 2016


Spring is here! 
The trees are in full bloom and if we don't get a real cold spell we should have apples and peaches come fall.  The blueberries are getting ready to flower as well as the sand cherry.  DH has the gardens and all the beds tilled and has started to plant.  The daffodils have died back the tulips are in full bloom and the hollyhocks are a good foot tall.  The walking onions and the chives are ready for harvest.  The peppermint and cilantro are up and the chamomile is coming too.

Friday we moved the bees to their mountain home for the summer.  The hives are large and we need to get them split.  Hoping for a good honey year.

I love all the seasons; fall is my very favorite but each new season is a blessing and I am feeling blessed by spring.

Wishing you spring blessings as well.
a little bird

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  1. life is busy... Lots of work going on at your place.. I agree , I love fall... But enjoy all the seasons.Have a blessed day. Judy



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