Thursday, August 8, 2013

WICK Omnibus!

WICK Omnibus August 10th Release

Wow!!  You can now get all four Wick books in one.  The WICK Omnibus!  

The W1CK series is an apocalyptic thriller.  It is beautiful and haunting, action packed and poignant.
 Mr. Bunker's writing style is captivating.    The plot draws you in and holds your attention as you are introduced to the different characters.  Mr. Bunker paints them very vividly, showing you their wisdom and imperfections. 
I was drawn to the characters and their fate.  

This omnibus is available August 10th.
So if you are looking for one last great summer read I would recommend this book.
I believe it will cause you to pause and think and challenge you to take an inward and outward look.
a little bird

“An Epic Story of Hardship and Survival”

Praise for WICK

“…WICK has rocked my world and shaken everything inside me…”
Michael Bunker goes way beyond writing a popular thriller: he clearly has a literary agenda, making the W1CK series so rich and so deep you could analyse each and every page and write a whole book about it. I guess you'd have to call it W1CK1P3D1A.”
“…The writing is excellent. We need more Indie writers like this … Michael's writing changed my perception of this life quite a bit. I hope it does the same for you.”
“ …The characters are richly constructed …. The prose is easy to read and the story develops smoothly. I can't wait to find out what happens but I don't want the story to end! “
“ …combines the best of Sinclair Lewis and James Howard Kunstler in a truly great read that will both engage you and challenge you to think- and choose wisely.”
 “ ….Mr. Bunker has managed to write a carefully crafted and extremely, disturbingly believable piece of fiction about the modern human condition.”
Exciting, riveting and compelling story… Highly recommended reading…”
 “ …So glad I took the plunge and got hooked on this thrilling series! Characters that are personable. Settings in vivid detail. Couldn't wait to move on to the second book!”
“…I was kept guessing at every turn of this book. I love how this story becomes rich and alive in my mind without being tedious or over-written. He tells you just enough to keep you engaged, but doesn't overwhelm with detail.”
“…It had me fully engaged from page one.”
“…Great fiction with a lot of realistic probabilities. Not your typical end of the world doomsday thriller.”
 “I love Michael's way of writing and the subjects he writes about…. “
 “… packed with great characters, suspense, philosophy, and thought-provoking ideas.”
“…will have you reading non-stop into the wee hours of the night and will leave you gasping for air.”
 “Ok, this book has me on the hook… I very rarely read fiction but this outing by Michael Bunker has been terrific. … Buy it for yourself and your friends.”
“This was the most intriguing book I have ever read. It started out to be a journey and ended up with nail biting, edge of your seat conclusion. …What a rush this was.”
 “ … The writing is gorgeous, tactile, vivid, with a plot yarn that unfolds a landscape beautiful and terrifying.”
“I was engaged in the story from the start - something I've missed from many other authors from this genre recently. Nice to see some real literary talent and wit in this genre.”
 “A compelling story that is beautifully written. Each sentence simply melts into the next. Michael Bunker has a gift for awakening the imagination. …”
 “You can't go wrong when you have fiction with excitement for the brain AND heart. Combine that with the lurking knowledge that many elements of this story could be off the fiction backburner and onto full heat reality very soon, and, well, it all adds up to one I could not put down.”
 “I found it to be a captivating use of the English language. Packed with well written, thought provoking mental imagery.”
“…I could hardly put it down. Read in two sittings. Like eating a beautifully prepared, delicious meal when you are really hungry, eating so fast, scraping every speck and morsel from the plate…”
“ … Michael Bunker draws you in with his beautiful imagery and storytelling. I have a feeling I'll be following this author for some time!”
 “The twists and turns keep coming. This is an excellent read. And the kindle version is so inexpensive that you would be foolish not to read it.”
“ … Entertaining and thought-provoking. Can't wait to get my hard copy because you never know if the power will go out.”

“…I literally read it in one sitting because I could NOT PUT IT DOWN. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars.”

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