Monday, August 12, 2013

Family Time

We are having family time.  My mom and DH's mom flew out together last Tuesday.  They will stay through this week and then head back to their homes in MI.  Neither had ever met the youngest of our grandchildren 3 years and 2 years. And they hadn't seen the older two in a long while either.  So the visiting has been going strong.  DH has family out here so we have had a real family reunion!!

We drove up to C&K's new to them house yesterday.  It is really a cool place!  They have a big country kitchen, nice living space, cozy bedrooms, great office, and that's only the downstairs!!!  The house is a big old country house so their is a full upstairs as well.  There are 3 unfinished bedrooms that will need some TLC but so cool!!!  A great finished 'huge' bedroom with private bath and then a sewing/crafting room that has an entire wall of built in cabinets.  They will have so much fun up there.

The camp itself is wonderful!!  We hiked around the main developed areas.   A beautiful place.  What a GREAT place to raise children!!  

So all is well at our house we are just very busy right now.  

I am headed to the garden as the kale is ready to be cut again.  The cabbage can wait a bit longer, the tomatoes are coming on nicely too.  
I pray God's richest blessing upon you as you go about your day.
a little bird

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  1. So proud your having such a wonderful time with your family.. God is Awsome!!



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