Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Painless Preservation 2

The kale is coming on big time!  Yeah!!!  But we are also in very busy mode around here.  So last night after work and dinner I went to the garden to cut the kale.  Our d-i-l said last year she dried her kale and then used it in soups etc.  She is a wonderful cook so if she was happy with it I knew I would be too.

Clip the kale, wash it well, steam blanch for 2 1/2 minutes, and then straight to the drying trays.

I had my dryer set at 145 degrees (F)
It took about 6 hours to dry.

Kale should be dried to crisp and brittle.

I removed the large stems before steam blanching and now all I have to do is store in a cool dry place and when needed break into my pot of soup.

Wahoo for painless preservation.
Page 22 covers greens in the booklet below.

Click on the link above for a FREE pdf of this booklet.

Have a great day and enjoy some painless preservation!
a little bird


  1. What a great idea.. I need one of those dryers.. thanks for sharing.

    1. You bet. It really makes preserving EASY!!!



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