Monday, July 29, 2013

Intriguing Read

Are you looking for some summer reading??  If so this was a very thought provoking and intriguing read. It has twists and turns that will surprise you. I look forward to reading the rest of the books in the series.

It is available FREE from for your kindle.

WICK Book One by Michael Bunker.


  1. Sounds good..

    Are you enjoying the kids being home [or rather living close to home? KNow you are!!] How is their church ministry? I have been praying for them.

    1. The kids have been staying with us until they can get into their new house (this weekend).

      Everyday I have come home to a clean house. Kitchen counters shinny, dishes done, clean floors. My dear sweet Daughter-in-Love has been doing that!! I will miss every bit of our time together and she knows I will miss coming home to a shinny house every day!!!

      I really appreciate the prayers and I know they do as well. His first day on the job is September 1st.

    2. What a sweet/wonderful DIL... You can always send her and those wonderful grandkids to stay awhile with me.. I need help [putting up veggies,ha]..

    3. We have had such a wonderful time together.



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