Sunday, July 14, 2013

5 for $5.00

A trip to the fabric store yesterday (I had a gift card I hadn't used up).  And low and behold they were having  a 5 for $5.00 on Butterick patterns.  I went in to look for a classic blouse pattern and I found that and four more cute patterns too.

Great classic blouse!!!

Shirt dress.  I think this one could be made without sleeves as well.

View 'C' is my favorite!  I can see granddaughters in this sweet dress.

These two look similar I know.  One has a Hollywood waist and the other has a waist band .  For a dollar I splurged.  :-)

So now some sewing is in the future.

This is the material I picked up.  It is a lovely draping knit.  It was on sale for $10.00 a yard, That seemed high to me...  but I really liked it and since I had the gift card I went for it.  

Sandra Betzina says to find material that 'puddles' small and this does.  I think it will make a pretty skirt.


  1. Good find, patterns and the lovely 'puddlable' fabric...and Hollywood waist? My absolute favorite, and a MUST for shortwaisted me! D.

  2. I love your patterns.. such pretty finds!!
    DO you know why I have over a 100 patterns? [because of these $1-$2 pattern sales.. I can not resist them? ha]. I am headed to the lung doctor today [it is almost an hour away from me] and all the fabric stores are there. Of course I will be leaving early - gotta see if they have patterns on sale
    Great idea about the puddlable fabric..



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