Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Year's Supply

While you are 'putting by' I thought you might enjoy some information from years gone by.

A recommended year's supply of food from The Klondike Official Guide of 1898 consisted of:

450 pounds of flour
50 pounds of oatmeal
25 pounds of cornmeal
250 pounds of good fat bacon
50 pounds of hams
25 pounds of dried apples
25 pounds of dried peaches
25 pounds of tea
10 pounds of coffee
100 pounds of sugar
120 pounds of beans
10 pounds of barley
15 pounds of rice
6 pounds extract of beef
12 pounds of baking powder
30 pounds of salt
1 pound of pepper
1 pound of mustard
12 pounds of compressed vegetables
30 pounds of canned fruits
24 pounds of jam
10 pounds of baking soda
35 pounds of dried potato and onion

This is per adult.


The Klondike official guide 

For more information and free downloadable books check out: http://www.pioneerhandbooks.com/ 

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