Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What is Beauty?

Last Saturday was our Women's Retreat at church.  Some beautiful thoughts were shared and I thought I would pass them on.

Breaking down Barriers
We as women are told that we need to look a certain way to be beautiful.  We are told by TV, magazines, social media, even the line at the grocery store is loaded with pictures and 'be perfect as the world says you should be'  as we check out.

Ladies what a lie  - please don't buy into that lie.

As my dear friend shared, "We are not measured by our pants size".  (or skirt size) So true we are more than that.

It starts early - even our toys tell us what perfection is...

This is how we would really look with 'Barbies' proportions

Not really very pretty is it...

Fake Beauty

Some of God's beautiful handiwork:

You are the handiwork of God.  You are made in his image.  He is your Maker.  I hope when you look in the mirror you see wonder.
the little bird

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  1. amen thats so thruth...we are beautiful just the way we are..in the world eyes...we need to be adjusting to world fashions..in God's eyes we are his daughters..are my thoughts...thanks for sharing...blessings



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