Monday, April 2, 2012

Beautiful Girl

The pup on the right is ours.

I realize these are not the best pictures.  But I had to get a few on my phone to share.

This is our newest family member.  I will pick her up Friday. 

She will get her first shots Friday and then be on a two week shot schedule until she is 16 weeks old. 
We want to make sure she is healthy and protected.

It was amazing.  I wondered how we would know which pup to choose.  The truth is she choose us.  We were looking at all the the dogs and she sat down a foot or so in front of me and just stared for a bit.  She then decided we were her family and came over .   We held her and loved on her.  She was very well socialized.  Put her down to look at another.  What did she do just came over and curled up by my knee and sacked out.  Craig and I both agreed she was the one. 

We are now trying to come up with a name.  So far we have Ember or  Ebony.  If you have any great name ideas for a black lab puppy we would love to hear them. 

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