Friday, July 10, 2015

Thirst Quenching

Lime-Mint Water

Remember that bag of limes... well we have enjoyed them to the fullest.  We have had a real heat wave in the west.  Wanting to make sure that we are getting plenty of fluids I have this big jug on my counter top at all times.

The container holds 2 gallons so I don't fill it all the way we couldn't use it in a day. But 1 gallon of water, 1 sliced lime, and 5 or 6 sprigs of fresh mint topped with 2 or 3 pitchers full of ice and it makes a wonderful fresh thirst quencher.


  1. Robin, what a great idea... Love the container too. SO pretty.
    We are having a really hot summer too. Try to stay cool..

  2. Love your're right, it would take me a day or 3 to finish all that water, but YUM!!! R, isn't this weather interesting?! We have had rain, rain, rain, interspersed with instant heat, more rain, and even grandbabies falling from heaven right into our hearts.. So thankful, for all He sends, heat, rain, and the babies! Another granddaughter due in 6 weeks!! D.



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