Monday, December 30, 2013

a bit of cleaning

We are home.  We went to the mountains for the weekend to have our family Christmas.  And fun was had by all!!  We did some sledding, played on the ice, took daily hikes and watched lots of Doctor Who.  Totally a fun time.!!!

Today I started putting a bit of the decorations away.  The villages are tucked away for another year.  The granddaughters Christmas tree is undecorated and ready to be boxed for the year (those girls had six strings of beads on that little 4 foot tree - what a hoot).  The large nativity set is put away. The nativity water balls are still out, some of the baubles are still out, and the big tree, but for the most part I am beginning the tucking away process. 

It is still the Christmas season so I don't want to put it all away but I want the quieter decorations not the bling...  So as I'm tucking away I'm running the dust cloth and the sweeper.  It's looking fresh and still a bit festive. 

I pray your new year, 2014, is blessed and happy, fresh and festive!
a little bird

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  1. So proud you and family, had such a good time.. Sounds lovely..
    Always nice to get the decorations packed and the place tidy again.. Praying for a wonderful /blessed New year.



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