Thursday, November 15, 2012

Headed home soon

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Monday I am headed home.  This is tough wanting to be in two places at one time.  I am ready to head home and see my DH, #1 son, his dear wife and our granddaughters (I miss the dog too).  I will have been here for three weeks so time to head back to my world for a bit.  I have things that I need to accomplish at work as well. 

But I am leaving here with the understanding that I will come back for a care rotation if needed but knowing more than likely when we come back it will be for a funeral.  I am so grateful for this time to have cared for my dad but also for the time to reminisce. 

We are a yours, mine and ours family.  I was an only child until my mom married a widower with four kids and then they added one more to the mix.  Talk about a change in routine!!  Mom did eight loads of laundry a day.  She skipped Sunday's so on Monday morning there were 16 loads of wash waiting for her.  My S-dad didn't know me when I was young or did all the cute things that kids do, no when they got married I was 13.  So the 'sweet and cute' stage was long gone and the teen stage where things are tougher had arrived.  So yes, there were some bumps in the road, I'm guessing that is normal in any family let alone a blended family like ours.  But my dad was kind.   I caught a cold and dad said you need to drink lots of orange juice - but I didn't like orange juice - so he went out and bought a case of Squirt.  I wanted to go deer hunting so dad took me (and I talked the entire time!!)  That was the only time he took me but memories were made.  When I married my DH, dad said don't take her hunting she isn't quiet long enough to hunt.  :-)

Those are the types of kindnesses done and shared.  So we reminisced.  'Dad do you remember when...'  He would smile and nod his head.  So I had a chance to tell him how lucky I felt to be treated so kindly.  The fun that I'd had and thanked him for stepping up to the plate and being my dad.   His response was "Those are mighty kind words" mine, "I mean them."

So this time has been a blessing.  I know where my dad is headed when he leaves this earth.  It won't make his loss here any less but it will help to know that we will see him again. 
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  1. Such a beautiful tribute, Robin! Blessings on you as you travel and on your whole family as they walk this journey with your dad...



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