Friday, October 21, 2011

Water Leak

Last night while making dinner...

What is that sound in the pantry??? 

  Oh no I hope I don't have a mouse.

      That's water spraying not a mouse.  (in truth at this point I was relieved)

I called Mr. C. who was over an hour away.  "Houston, we have a problem."  He walked me through turning off the water in the house behind the water heater. I came out dripping but successful.  His statement of "if that doesn't work you'll have to...",  had me quaking...  Thankfully I didn't have to go under the house or go out back and shut off the main.  It worked in the house.  Then the mop up and the drying of all my cookbooks.  I have water in five gallon containers with spickets in storage.  I pulled one out so I had water for washing supper dishes etc.  We do have water outside in the hose, blessings, so we can fill buckets for the lav. 

Mr. C. giggled this morning as I heated water on the stove so I could wash up and shampoo my hair.  He said, 'I'll have the water running shortly after nine when the hardware store opens up.' 'Cool I thought this would be an all day event.' 

He is now in the pantry - he has replaced the part that leaked.  I hear words like, I hate old plumbing. fix one and another breaks, dad-gummit, this may be an all day event... Latest was "I'll be back".  He's headed back to the hardware store. 

So that's whats up at the Roost.  We are fixing water pipes.  And thankful for water in the hose and storage and most of all that I was here to hear the leak..

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