Sunday, August 6, 2017


I am sharing this with frustration.  My mom got scammed.!!!!  Her computer gave her a very genuine looking alert with a number she needed to call.  It looked on the level but it was not...

The phone scammers: "Yes, they were the company she needed.  Yes, they could fix her computer."  They needed access to her computer, credit card number, name and address........ 

Thankfully when she got off the phone she had an uneasy feeling about the whole thing and canceled her credit card. Then she called me.  We did a little research and found some steps to take. 
1. Cancel your credit card and have a new number issued.
2. Talk to the bank and have them put an alert on your account or change your account number.
3. Make a police report.

Mom has taken all the steps she - we know to take.  Hopefully this is now an non-event. 
a little bird

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