Thursday, March 30, 2017

January, February,and March

Can you believe it's spring and almost April!!

Here are some of the activities of January, February and March.

My mom sent me ties so that I could make bags out of them for the girls in our family.

I made nine all together.  They were fun to make.  The hardest part was sorting it out without a pattern.   

Fermented oranges.  These are wonderful.  I have used them chopped in salad, dressings, and marinades.  I'm sure they would be very good in a pasta salad as well.

I quartered my oranges or the big ones I cut into eights and then salted them.  This is a fermenting process like sauerkraut.  These are very salty so they need to be rinsed before chopping to add them to a dish.

My other sewing project was a repair job.

#2 son's dog got a hold of his winter hat and chewed the rabbit fur to bits on the bill.  Did you know you can order a rabbit pelt from Amazon... well you can and I did.  I tried to find one that matched as much as possible.  You can see it's not a perfect match but it is close enough that it doesn't stand out too much.  I traced around the bill adding a bit for seam allowance.  There is the wool layer a lining layer and then the fur.  I was able to do a fair amount on the machine but the last bit required hand stitching my machine just couldn't handle all of the layers.

They had mountains of snow where they live - 6 feet on the level - yes, 6 feet.  Bless them they spent most of the winter digging out.  One week they were snowed in.  School was closed and they were in.  #2 son had to wear snowshoes just to take the trash out.  And extra panels had to be added to the fence because the cows could just walk right over the fence...  

This picture shows the lodge.  Those doors are 6'6" tall.  So you can see the amount of snow they had to deal with.  (the hat was a need.)

We had lots of snow here too.  Nothing like the mountains, we live in the high mountain desert. We had about 3 feet.  For us that's good snow.  Our snow has all melted away. DH has cleaned the yard and cleaned the garden area.  Too wet to till yet but we are moving in the right direction. 

Happy spring to you,
a little bird

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