Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas

It's time to chat and catch up.  I/we have been busy with the holiday season.  We had a full house for Thanksgiving, which was so fun.  We spent a lovely day visiting, eating, and being thankful for our many blessings. Then we all played cards late into the night visiting, laughing, and eating a bit more...

Then it seems the preparation for Christmas began. A bit of shopping, making a list, a bit of sewing, rechecking the list and now here it is the 22nd.  I have my little bit of sewing done. And the sewing area all cleaned up as it is in the guest room and needs to be ready for out guests on the 24th.  I'm planning to do a bit of grocery shopping today and pick up those last few fun items for under the tree.  A few more gifts to wrap and I think we'll be ready.

Ready... well ready to start some Christmas baking.  I haven't even made a cookie yet.  But if I make them we eat them so I am holding off to the last minute. ;-)

I love this time of year.  I love the lights, the music, the sewing and time of giving.  I look forward to Christmas eve candle light service at church.  Singing and remembering a sweet baby born to save us all.

So from our home and hearts to you and yours, Merry Christmas!

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