Friday, August 28, 2015

Still Here

Sorry for the lack of post but we have been busy!!  Back to work full time (I love working at a school where I get some summer off) but back at in since July.  With that, canning, gardening, laundry and trying to make a meal now and again... :-) as I say busy.

We went last Saturday to the mountains to cut a load of wood.  We stopped after about 50 miles to let the dog out for a bathroom break. She went right to the tire well. DH opened the hood of the truck and we had a stowaway... 

She had ridden all that way between the battery and water reservoir.   She was so happy to be lifted out of there and ride the rest of the way inside the truck.

I have posted pictures on facebook of her.  Called the vet in case someone was looking for their lost kitten but unfortunately no one seems to be missing her.
She is an outdoor kitten (we have two family members allergic to cats so she cannot be in the house) and she is adjusting to our 88 pound Labrador - well adjusting might be a strong word - tolerating,  avoiding, yes those are better words.  
But she is a sweet little thing and we are growing fond of her.  Our #3 granddaughter carried her around this evening and has decided that her name should be Lucy.  I have an Aunt Lucile, I'm not sure she would be all that impressed with the name but it seems to have stuck.
So even though we had no intentions of any additional pets it seems that Miss Lucy has joined the family.


  1. Oh I love rescued critter stories! How fabulous for Ms. Lucy and thank you, St. Francis for keeping her safe until she could find Robin!

  2. love your sweet little stowaway...know she'll end up where she should be. My oldest daughter had an imaginary friend called Lucy. Perfect name, as she arrived from nowhere! D.

  3. OH poor cat.. what a scary ride.. Proud she found a sweet home..[and is adjusting to the dog, ha]

  4. Miss. Lucy continues to thrive. In the beginning we thought we would find her a new home if we couldn't find her 'family'... well the little stinker has really grown on us, even she and Miss. Chessie are getting along. So long story short. Lucy is now apart of our family. Who knew we'd ever have a kitten. :-)



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