Sunday, May 17, 2015

Spring Garden

The spring garden is producing well, lots of onions, chives, rhubarb, the mint is like a forest, harvested some cilantro and oregano as well.

Last year we purchased a larger dehydrator.  It is an Excalibur.  I have been very happy with this unit. The only reason I say this is if you are looking for a new or additional dehydrator this is a good one.
I do a fair amount of dehydrating. Last year we did kale, beets, apples, pears, apricots, plums, tomatoes, squash, many spices and herbs for tea, etc.  We use our dehydrators.  :-)  We live in the high mountain desert so we can do some sun drying as well.  But the ease and speed of using a dehydrator is a real plus.

I use the dried veggies in soups.  We eat the fruits as a snack.  Peppermint, camomile, rose hips, orange rind and the like are used for tea and the spices go into our home cooked meals.  It is a great way to 'put by' the harvest.  It requires less space and stores very well.  

For a free copy of the the below book Drying Fruits and Vegetables CLICK HERE

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  1. Still in plant-it mode here. Left most all our herbs, and perennials behind. Sob! Actively seeking rhubarb to cook with this week. Not much around. Hope to plant some next fall/spring. (I have such a hankering for rhubarb custard pie and rhubarb jam! ). The dehydrator is such a help, for sure...D.



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