Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pure Michigan

Spring Break in Pure Michigan

Yeah - fun was had by all. We took a few days to go visit our family in Michigan.  We spent 4 days but  believe or not we were able to see most of our family.  Not all - it seems there just wasn't enough time to see all but most.

We wanted to check on our moms and just visit.  They both are doing well and were pleased with our visit.  Actually we surprised my Mother-in-Law.  We just showed up at church Sunday.  She was shocked and thrilled.  I guess she was always quite the prankster when the kids were all home on April Fool's day...  So my husband and his sister thought it would be a early April Fool's.  :-)
She loved it.

The weather was 'spring' cool windy - one day was freezing rain...  but all in all it was nice. 

So now we are headed home.  Looking forward to seeing our family in the west and our very spoiled Labrador Chessie.

Hope you too are having a good break.
a little bird

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  1. So happy you had a good trip and got to visit all your family... Special times for sure..



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