Friday, January 30, 2015

Apple Box Oven

Here is my apple box oven.

It took about two hours to put it together.  I'm sure it would be a bit faster if I made a second one but I was learning...

My plan is to grind some corn meal and make some corn bread to go with our soup for supper.

I have my pans that fit (cookie sheet, Texas sheet cake pan and round cake pan) but I wasn't able to find a cookie cooling rack in our little town.  The next time we go shopping I will see if I can find one at Walmart.   But I can put supports in and set my pan on the supports for now.

I do have the thermometer but haven't pushed it through yet.  I will have my DH help with that.  He has an awl. 

 This is the rack that I will use for now - until I can get to a bigger town.
It will work just fine as the purpose is to hold the pans above the coals.

Of course I will do this outside on a safe non burnable surface. :-)


  1. What a fantastic idea... Missed you.. and have thought about you.

  2. Replies
    1. It worked really well. I was pleasantly surprised. I made two pans of cornbread. DH was grilling so I just had him do a few extra coals for me. I plan to play with it in the mountains with our granddaughters.



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