Friday, December 12, 2014

l'chiam - to life

Kurt slipped away Wednesday evening.  His journey in this world came to an end.  He is now in paradise with Jesus.  Craig and I are now turning our focus from care giving back to life.  Christmas is coming.  I think it will be quieter and more subdued than some but a true celebration of the real meaning of Christmas.

Jesus came to earth to give us a way to heaven.

My dear brother-in-law accepted that gift of grace.  He believed that Jesus was the son of God.  He believed that Jesus loved him and he loved Jesus.

That fact has made his passing easier for us.  It doesn't mean that we don't miss the person but it gives us peace knowing where he is.

Last night our deep thinker, 4 year old, granddaughter said, I miss Uncle Kurt.  Mimi where is he?  I said, "he died, he passed away he is in heaven."  Her immediate response, "did he find God?".  "Yes, Gem he did."   Ah peace.  She was at peace about it and ran off to play.

Our 6 year old granddaughter had profound words of wisdom as well.  When she was here this past Sunday she cut a Christmas  ornament out of paper and wrote on it, "He uses us to love other people".  How true.

Thank you for your prayers as we traveled this road.  They were answered.
God is good.


  1. So sorry about your loss. But know you all find comfort in knowing that he is with God today.. My heart and prayers are with you.

  2. Praying for your family today, as you remember your 'brother' Kurt. You may experience Christmas differently this season, but I trust He will comfort you in the little, yet significant things. Thanks for sharing the words of the children. Fondly, D.



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