Monday, October 6, 2014

Still Here - Just Busy

I'm still here, we have just been very busy.  We've been canning, dehydrating and freezing.
My daughters in love too have been canning and making beautiful items for their families this winter.
We have all been trying to 'put by' before the snow begins to fly and the gardens are done for the year.

DH and I made a very quick trip to Michigan to see family.  We took a week and our motto was divide and conquer.  DH spent time helping his mother and I spent my days with my mom trying to do some little things while we were there.

We did silly things really.  I cut mom's hair, took her shopping, drove her to see my sister and husband, shared a cup of coffee and conversation.  We did all get out together for steak dinner and I even got an afternoon with my  youngest sister for lunch and some fun shopping.  So really we accomplished quite a bit since we only had 4 days.

We are back to our 'pay money' jobs now as well as home to continue to tuck items away while the beautiful fall lasts.  One more load of wood is on the list just to make sure there is plenty for winter.  I have tomatoes on the vine and when we have a frost I will have grapes to juice as well.  So we are here and plugging along... just hasn't been a lot of time for blogging.
Hope you are having a beautiful fall and putting by for winter.
a little bird


  1. Robin, so proud you and hubby got to enjoy a few days with your family..
    Sounds like a good trip.
    We too, have been super busy...trying to can,freeze and put up for the winter.
    ALways so much to do...[I sometimes wonder about these people that tell me they are "bored" ???? How do you have time to be bored, come stay with me , and you won't be]

  2. Not sure if you'll see this til you reconnect. Read you needed a blog-break, and wanted you to know I will be praying for all you are needing to do these busy days as you take on the 'gift ' of helping to tend for your brother in law.....with affection and respect, D.

    1. Thank you. Your prayers are much appreciated! We are taking it one day at a time. He has been a very independent individual all his life so I'm sure this isn't easy for him. He has been a loner and now to live with others even those that care about you is a real change for him.
      God is good all the time and we are really depending on Him for strength and wisdom. Again thank you for your prayers we do need them.



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