Monday, May 26, 2014


Starting to harvest our chamomile.
This is a great to dry for tea.  It actually has anti-inflammatory properties.  So if your achy or wanting to calm down in the evening this is a great tea.  

It's also good if you are fighting a cold.
We like to grow and dry it.  I have purchased chamomile tea at the store and was very disappointed...  There just wasn't much flavor at all.  Home grown is full of flavor and a lovely yellow color.

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To harvest pick the flower heads off.  That's all.  The plant will re-flower and continue to pick off the flower heads throughout the summer.  When it gets close to fall let the flowers go and they will reseed the plant for next year.  I lay the flower heads on a paper towel on the kitchen counter out of direct sunlight. They dry very nicely.  Then I like to vacuum seal them in small jars for storage.  It keeps the tea wonderful and fresh.  Do make sure the flowers are completely dry or they could mold in your jars.

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