Sunday, April 27, 2014

And so begins the 2014 harvest

Here it is April and it is time to start harvesting produce.  What a wonderful blessing!!

The chives are coming up full force as well as the spring onions (ours are known as Egyptian Walking Onions).

The rhubarb is up as well.  I harvested some of that last weekend for a strawberry rhubarb crisp. I will continue to harvest that every two weeks or so through the spring.

As well as the chives and onions.

Chives washed and chopped.  They freeze wonderfully or can be dried as well.
This first bit is going into the freezer.  They are wonderful tossed in with scrambled eggs or a quiche,  great for topping a pizza, or in a salad, etc.

These are some of the onions.  I always leave some as they grow bulbs on the top and then the bulb grows heavy and falls to the ground reseeding itself. 
They are great tossed in soup or any where you would use onions.  These too are going to be frozen.

I use the entire onion.

DH has  much of the garden planted.  At least the cold  hardy items. Kale, beets, cabbage, garlic, lettuce... I know there's more but he's the planter I the preserver.
Makes for a good team.

Here are some pictures of the walking onions.  You can see how they get heavy fall over and reseed.  I also break the bulbs off and plant them where I want them to stay.

Happy Harvest!
a little bird


  1. How exciting to be harvesting already. We are just getting a few things out of the greenhouse into the ground. It poured rain last week, but this week is suppose to be warm and sunny. Great gardening weather :) Enjoy!


    1. In truth it surprised me too. All of a sudden there were things in the garden and I thought I better get started instead of letting everything go to seed... It happens quickly.

  2. Robin,
    we have the onions too.. Love that they replenish each year. I had never put any , in the freezer..[just used them fresh]..What a great idea. Will be putting some up this week, as our patch is beautiful right now.



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