Friday, March 14, 2014

Unexpected Visitors

Thursday evening I arrived home late from work.  A meeting went longer than expected.  By Thursday I have  put in my 4 - 10 hour days and  my house shows the lack of attention...  The laundry gets done, the dishes are done, the kitchen gets swept but the house is not tidy.  The counters have gathered stuff, the dust is showing, etc...

We had some friends drop by unexpectedly - my words were,  "The house is a wreck - come in and let's have tea."  They did, and we had a wonderful visit.  I have never been to my friends house that everything isn't in it's place and no dust showing.  I felt uncomfortable that my house was in disarray but the visit was wonderful.  Then today I read Farming On Faith.  She shared a story that blessed me regarding what's really important.

" Just drop by anytime if you come to visit with us. If you come to see a clean house ~ call first so I can get it cleaned for you."  Mrs. Bennett

Isn't this true.  Friends come to see us not our house.  If they are coming to grade our housekeeping are they really friends??

Thank you Mrs. Bennett for your sweet wisdom.
a little bird

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