Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Computer on the fritz

Our home computer is on the fritz...  We (I) am trying to get all our files and pictures off before its gone completely.   This morning DH said one of those back-up systems is looking really good right now.  True!

I was able to do a post to Robin's Bobbin yesterday but the pictures are sideways.  (I took them on my phone, the wrong way and can't right them.)  :-)

So my blog posts may be intermittent at best right now.

Last night we picked the few apples we have and I made three apple crisps.  One for eating and two for the freezer, or two for eating and one for the freezer, or, oh heck, all three for eating, who cares right!!  ;-)

We went for a long weekend in Yellowstone National Park this past weekend.  BEAUTIFUL time of year to go.  DH took over 600 pictures we just can't download them yet...  But we will and I will share.

We saw two grizzly bears on kills, wolves on a kill, bison, elk, deer, coyote, and a fox.  I think that was all.  Lots of game!!!  We also did the hikes to the falls, around the geyser loop (and got to see Lion group, Castle and Old Faithful go off),  Dragon's Calderon, etc...  It was a wonderful get away.  DH is missing the park already and ready to head back any time.  When we're retired we will spend more than four days.

Hope you are all well and enjoying a wonderful fall.
a little bird

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