Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring, spring glorious spring

Spring has sprung and so has the process of 'putting by'.  Our first honey harvest of the year was this week.  The fellows went down on Monday after work and then Tuesday evening we uncapped and extracted.  Wednesday night was filtering honey and wax, and tonight we got it all in jars...

The rhubarb is beautiful and so it is time to start harvesting.
 Our nephew loves rhubarb sauce so it must be put up for him.  I like to freeze it too for cakes, crisp, or pie.
How to can rhubarb HERE.
For freezing clean, drain, chop and pack dry into freezer containers or freezer bags.  That's all super easy and wonderfully tart addition to to many baked goods.

Happy day!
a little bird


  1. oh my, new honey! A blessing, indeed! Made rhubarb pie last week for the 'gardener', must say it was FINE! Planted rhubarb in our newly established Villagehouse garden, but had to buy some from a local stand to make a bit of strawberry-rhubarb jam. Easy to do with added jello and some canned pineapple as well. YUMMY!!
    Let the gardening season begin....D.

    1. Deedy, that sounds wonderful strawberry/rubard jam.

  2. Spring is here and I am soooo Happy!!
    Your honey looks wonderful.. We use to have bee hives and Kenny had all the equipment to do it.. He sold all of it, after he got hurt.. But, it was fun watching it happen.. Just remarkable.. God is awesome.

    1. It is a wonder isn't it. Those little creatures making such lovely nectar. God is so amazing!!



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